Weekly Update – Olympics part 2!

It’s all still going on round here. Transport wise it’s a massive anticlimax, but we’ve enjoyed watching tiny women get more than we can deadlift over their heads. It’s phenomenal, and probably the best motivation ever to stop messing around and lift heavier shit. We’ve also discover that gymnasts can actually fly, because there’s no other way any human could get that high off the ground.

So what else is happening?

  • Alicia went to see the weightlifting in real life (94kg mens group A), and was amazed. World records were broken and it was all very good fun.
  • Arifa has been quite seriously envious of anyone with a ticket to any event and is still trying to get hold of one. She’s also spent the weekend being absolutely gobsmacked at the total crap a 17-year-old can consume, and still look good.
  • We ate Nandos in the sunshine, and got extra free chicken by accident. Woohoo!
  • We discovered another fantastic UK paleo site, Primal Britain – go have a look!
  • We look this awesome when lifting heavy stuff, right?
  • And finally.. GO TEAM GB!!! We are seriously proud of what has been achieved so far.

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