Paleo Friendly Eating – Leon

The first, hopefully of a fair few, review of eateries where you can eat paleo without altering ten billion things on the menu. Enjoy!

Leon is one of my favourite places to eat. They run table service in the evenings, but for lunch or breakfast you can have a fast food style eat in or take away. I’m fortunate enough to have one 5 minutes away from my work, so I often head over for lunchtime meatballs! In general, all their food is tasty, very well constructed and sensibly sourced. As an added bonus, everything is super quick and you can be in an out again with a  tasty meal in no time. Oh, and loyalty cards for an added bonus!

So why are they so paleo friendly…?

…they sell the majority of their meals in separate components. So you don’t have to have a full rice/meatballs meal or a wrap, you can just have a cup of meatballs or a portion of grilled chicken with chilli sauce. Check out the menu here to look at your options.

…they source all their meat properly, so happy chickens only and you can be confident that you’re eating good meat.

…they’re generally really flexible. Most things are assembled to order, so if you want to leave something out (for example lots of their pots come with a yogurt sauce), they can easily amend it for you.

…they have a very comprehensive ingredients list on their website so you can be 100% sure what you’re actually eating.

…they are the best place I’ve ever found for a good paleo breakfast on the move. They sell amazing pots with a poached egg at the bottom and goodness on top, with no bread! They do all have cheese on, but they’ve always been happy to leave that off for me when I ask. I don’t always ask, because it tastes amazing.

Want more info? Click here or on the logo below to find your closest branch!



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  2. Thank you so much for this. I’m planning to go to London and I was searching for a good and convenient place where I could find healthy food. This is perfect

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