Garlic Mayonnaise

I am only properly freaked out by 2 things: geese and shop bought mayonnaise (and ketchup, but I bundle them together). Geese are utterly terrifying and will probably kill me one day, but I manage to get my revenge once a year and demonstrate my food chain superiority at Christmas.

Shop bought mayonnaise is just wrong. It’s bright white and a really odd texture. Plus it’s an ambient stable product that’s fundamentally made out of raw egg. I don’t want to eat anything that requires that level of processing to make it safe. And sorry guys, but it’s not paleo. There is a whole load of crap in there.

The recipe here is for garlic mayo. If you don’t want it garlicky, leave the garlic out!

1 egg yolk at room temperature
175ml oil. Traditionally this should be vegetable or groundnut, but as neither are paleo friendly I go for mild and light olive. Don’t use extra virgin olive, it’s far too heavy and the flavour just won’t work.
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tsp white vinegar

Put your egg in a large bowl with the salt, vinegar and garlic. Using a balloon whisk, mix together. Add your oil very very slowly and whisking continuously, 1 drop at a time at the beginning and more when it’s a bit more stable. It should be smooth and shiny all the way. Continue to whisk and add oil until its all incorporated. Then you’re done!

When it goes wrong…
If its too thick, add a it more liquid. A few drops of water or extra vinegar will do the trick. If you’ve left it in the fridge and it’s thickened, just let it warm up a bit and give it a stir. It’ll be fine!
If it splits (ie you have lumps of egg floating in oil), get a new bowl and start with a new egg yolk. Then gradually add back the split mixture very slowly, and add a bit more oil at the end. If this happens it’s probably because you added the oil too quickly, so go slowly this time! It could also be because your egg yolk was too cold.


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