Paleo in the Great Outdoors

The outdoors hasn’t been so great recently with all the rain we’ve had.  But last weekend we gave up and decided to go camping and walking anyway.  We drove to North Wales from London in horrible traffic and some torrential rain and had pretty much resigned ourselves to being wet for most of the weekend.  But by some miracle the sky cleared by the time we got to the campsite, so although the ground was soggy we didn’t get wet putting up the tents.  A very awesome start to the weekend!

We take quite a lot of gear with us when we camp!  Seeing as we always drive and don’t have to carry any of it, we can take as much as will fit into our little car.  So we have a mini portable kitchen which packs away into a plastic box and has all our cutlery, plates, bowls, cooking stove, frying pan, chopping board, etc.  This makes it easy to prepare food while we’re out in the wilderness(!).

We made a lot of snacks and treats and took them with us.  One of our favourites is this banana bread, we have been known to consume an entire cake in one sitting (this explains why I do not have a six-pack!):

I also baked some vanilla fig cookies and chocolate brownies.  These were perfect as a snack while we were walking, and also yummy with a cup of tea when we got back to the tent after the walk.

For breakfast we cooked bacon and eggs (although I just got eggs as I don’t eat bacon).  Here’s a picture of our friend LB looking very excited and about to tuck into hers:

This was LB’s first camping experience and she spent a lot of the weekend being excited and yelling “look Ma, I’m camping!” every time someone pointed a camera at her. I hope her mum gets to see this.  The other partial people in the picture are Dave and Charlie, and I’m delighted to see that Dave’s very awesome hat is also featured.

This weekend I decided to go ahead and eat bread (it was the weekend and I allow myself to cheat occasonally, please don’t judge me!) so we made sandwiches.  But in the past I have bought lots of salad stuff (lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, peppers, etc) and made up a salad in the morning and this gets thrown into a tub with some fish or chicken (don’t forget the fork!).  With some fruit thrown into my backpack and all our snacks, I definitely don’t go hungry!

The rest of the weekend turned out to be pretty awesome too.  We had rain overnight on Friday and a little shower while we were walking on Saturday, but other than that it was mostly dry.  The only yucky bit about the whole weekend was the midges… none of us had the sense to take any insect repellent and those evil little b*stards had a feast.  I’m still itchy from the bites a week later!  Bah!!



  1. Mary Jane Bender · · Reply

    Hi! Laura’s Mum got to see this and thanks you for taking Laura camping. It’s something she”ll never get to do with her Mum. Laura loves all of her london friends and her amazing new experiences. What will we do if she never comes back too the states?

    1. Hello Mrs B! I’m very glad you got to see this. LB was seriosuly awesome, you would have been very proud of her! If she doesn’t come back it’s a great excuse for you to visit and maybe we can take you camping too.

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