Fish Parcels

One of the quickest and easiest meals, and very tasty! You can be really flexible about the type of fish or seafood you use. This tends to be one of my backup meals I can create out of the random bits of stuff I manage to accumulate in the freezer…

You need:
Enough fish/seafood for each person
Extra bits for flavouring. Good combinations are:
– parsley, black olives, diced fresh chilli and halved cherry tomatoes
– lime, fresh ginger, garlic and chilli
– sliced fennel and orange
A large square of tin foil for each person

Very simple – cut any big bits of fish up so everything is the same size (and therefore cooks at the same time). Place each portion of fishy bits in the middle, gently mix with desired flavours and wrap up the parcel. Any method is fine, but my personal favourites are the scrunch or the Cornish pasty! Just make sure the air can’t get out or it won’t steam properly.
Place in a 220c oven for 15 minutes. There tend to be a lot of very tasty juice coming out, so serve with lots of salad leaves to help scoop them all up!



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