I wrote much of this post on the way back from a hen weekend away in Northumberland. I always forget how stunning this area is and looking out of the window at the dramatic scenery I really do believe this is the most beautiful part of the country. I went to Durham University but never really […]

My new herb garden!

Goodness I’ve been terrible at updating on my weekly activities! I store up all the juicy stuff but never get around to actually writing up about them! I’m still spending my time shuffling between home, hospital, work, college and grandparents’ house so I’m short on time in front of the computer. However, that means I’ve had […]


Forgive me Paleo gods, for I have sinned. I ate cheese. I had a bit of a rough weekend and when I got home to cook dinner all I wanted was something comforting like a great big cheese-y pasta bake. Google was surprisingly reticent on the important matter of a primal-friendly pasta bake (I was […]


I was pleasantly surprised one day while wandering down Leather Lane market on a busy Friday lunchtime to stumble upon Naytures Intent blackboard. I thought Feed Me Primal was the ONLY paleo-friendly food stall in London; clearly I was wrong. Having dismissed all the other food stalls along the road for not being paleo-friendly I obviously […]

Salmon Kicap

I have largely stopped shopping in our local Sainsbury’s in favour of weekly visits to the Farmers’s Market, weekly veg box deliveries and Waitrose, a few stops up the Tube, when pushed. However, one night I just couldn’t be bothered to get off the Tube early…I just wanted to get home! Plus, ethos aside, there […]

Creamy chicken curry with cauliflower rice

It’s been quite a topsy turvy sort of week as we had a hospital-based crisis in the family and so I have been staying away from home a lot. I put myself in charge of cooking to take the stress off everyone…and maybe also to subversively add a little paleo into everyone’s lives. We’ve had cauli […]


Thus ends my very first ten days as a London Paleo Kitchen blogger! I’ve been updating the Facebook page,sharing my meals (when I remember to take a photograph!) on myPaleoPal, posting on Instagram and Twitter (a first for me!) and nervously watching the stats go up. After a slight mishap whereby I shared the London Paleo Kitchen […]


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