The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai. This had been attacked by terrorists five months before our visit.

I was lucky enough to be a member of the volunteer team at Food Blogger Connect 2015. One of the street feeders keeping the bloggers occupied was the lovely GLORIOUS! team who were launching new flavours of their  warming soup creations. The soups were much needed as the whole event was outdoors, and although we were […]


Unless you’re a frog lurking under a coconut shell (don’t laugh, it’s an old Malay saying!), you’ll know that I’ve spent the last three months volunteering for HEALTH Unplugged. In the three months run up to the conference I have been writing blog posts covering what I consider to be the ten important paleo lifestyle principles. If you […]


A few weeks ago I was proudly telling a coursemate that I rarely get sick since I’ve gone paleo. Or when I do they don’t last longer than three days. You see, I have a Protocol for when I get a cold. Of course, less than a week later, I caught a cold away from home […]

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For the past six weeks I’ve been posting three Instagrams a day as Food Blogger Connect in the run up to FBC15, and over the conference weekend itself I was Instagramming and Periscoping on behalf of FBC15. It was a great opportunity for me to attend an otherwise unattainably expensive event but stay coccooned within […]


Today is my first day of Unemployment. Or Self-Employment. Or Complete and Utter Freedom. The choice of phrase I use depends on my state of mind at the time! In a nutshell, I left my job for good on Friday 11 September 2015 with no job lined up. It was either a Very Grown Up decision or an […]


  The more observant of my readers will know that I have been writing blog posts for HEALTH Unplugged over the last six weeks. I decided to spend the months in the run up to the conference exploring the ten Paleo lifestyle principles that are often discussed amongst Paleo experts, but often ignored by the masses. It’s […]


I read an article on The Spectator website recently and have been mulling it over ever since. It’s on the dangers of following clean eating as it can lead to orthorexia. I cringed to know that I could be bracketed as an aspiring member of that clan of young women (I doubt I would be described as […]


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