Two years ago, halfway through a WOD class at CFCL, Gemma told me that she was going part time at her perfectly fine job (that’s not true, she hated it) to open up London’s first primal food stall. I thought she was nuts. Sure, I would go along, I’m paleo, I NEED her! But at that time paleo […]


Hello world! I’m Tasha: on-off CrossFit enthusiast, full-time London worker, part-time student, Malaysian/British halfie and all-round food lover. I’m so excited to be taking over one of London’s finest paleo blog. This was one of the first paleo blogs I started following four years ago, when I first became interested in paleo. Like most, I […]

Sadly, Alicia and I haven’t had the time to return to blogging as we’d hoped. For the last few months we’ve been thinking long and hard about what we’d like to happen to London Paleo Kitchen. We have some very fond memories of creating the blog and we haven’t forgotten our aspirations for it, so after […]

We’re really sad to announce that as neither of us has the time to blog very much at the moment we won’t be posting anything new on here for a while. Thank you all for being so awesome since we started. We hope to be back in the near future.

Banana and Berry Muffins

It’s been a while. My son is nearly 11 months old and I’ve hardly posted anything since I found out I was pregnant. Some quite horrible morning sickness (or more accurately, all day sickness) at the start of my pregnancy meant cooking and eating didn’t really happen much for a while. And having a small […]


Ok, so this isn’t strictly paleo. Chocolate, even at 85%, is not paleo. It’s got sugar in. I don’t care. This is one of those better-rather-than-best options: better than shovelling in the Ben & Jerry’s, not as a good as eating an apple. You can’t win them all. This is a very serious, not for […]

chickmush broth final

Confession time: I’ve basically invented a paleo chicken & mushroom pot noodle. I didn’t necessarily intend it to come out that way, but in fact it seems to work quite well – it’s got the same flavour principle of bulking up on umami to deliver a bit of excitement, but my recipe adds a bit […]


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